12 Days till Gender Ultrasound

Throughout this entire pregnancy I haven’t really considered having a girl. For some reason it’s embedded in my head we are having a boy, Parker. Today it dawned on me, I could have a girl, Olivia! Most of my friends and Antz co-workers are betting we are having a girl but my acupuncturist/doula, Gilli, said I look like I’m carrying a boy. This has made me re-think my current nursery plans. As gender neutral as it is, I have to throw in some girlie elements for Liv. I found the exact same bedding by Rosemary Hallgarten as the blue one I planned to get for Parker in pink and beige. Then I found a Friends With You Malfi in pink, and now I am obsessed with the Tazi Pouf in pink and also pink curtains which I still need to find in the perfect shade. So although I wanted to stay away from pastels, I think the brown and beige really bring the pink down to an Earth tone.

Whenever I walk into that room it seems more impossible to fit this many things in there. There is also a few of Antz paintings that I want to keep but they do not seem to coordinate well with the nursery design. We also have to make room in the living room for the movie posters he has in there now. I can not wait to find out what we are having. I also want to see the little guy/gal moving, the last ultrasound was November and I haven’t felt any movement yet which is driving me crazy. We are going to a birthday party for Antz cousin *no idea who he is, one of thousands* tomorrow and Sunday we are having brunch with his sister and her sons *both are recently married*. This month of Paramount movies sucks, the only 2 we are seeing are the Princess & the Frog and Nine. I really want to see the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

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