I have gone nearly halfway through my pregnancy and have yet to purchase any maternity clothes. That can be perceived as a good thing *I haven’t gained enormous amounts of weight* or a bad thing *I was already the size of a 18 week preggo lady*. Oh well, the point is, soon I will be needing to shop for tents for me to wear. Here’s my wishlist

Want:  Cap-Sleeve Dress

Need : Nursing Pajamas

Want: Ruffled Jersey Dress

Need:  Nursing bras

Want: Børn ‘Sallie’ Mary Jane

Need: Crocs Malindi *$30!*

Want: Drop-Waist Jersey Dress

Need: Jersey V-Neck Dress


Want: Silk-blend ruffle top *so sweet*
Need: Fleece Zip Hoodie

Want: Keyhole nursing dress

Need: Fold-Over Skirt

Must have at any cost!!! TOMS ‘Classic’ Glitter Slip-On

I have never been able to distinguish want vs need. I need everything but I do not want the $800 price tag that comes with it. Luckily I hope to find a great 25% coupon and snag free shipping. It really sucks that Gap does not have an maternity store I can shop at. I buy so many things that look great online, but when I get them they are too sheer or the size isn’t right. I think I kept the wardrobe pretty practical. I am choosing styles that don’t scream big pregnant lady and can be worn after the bebe is here. The worst thing is, everytime I get the list to perfection, something in my size sell out, grrr! The way things look, I won’t be able to buy anything until early March. After the bebe is born I would like to buy these Antz and myself

Of course with our little one’s pic in there, we are also getting one for the Grandmum’s. The best thing about these is you can wear them in the shower and they are the perfect gift. Speaking of gifts, this sounds like an appropriate push present don’t you think? It’s scheduled to come out in June.

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