Suffice it to say, this month is looking good afterall.

At first I was bummed out about February, I know the most *romantic* month of the year. But after being married for 7 years, it’s not that my hubby is no longer romantic, but we are over the whole make a fuss over cupid thing. If we do anything we may go to a dive restaurant *nowhere fancy, that requires reservations months in advance* and we have a casual evening. So bah humbug Valentine’s day I say and boo to this crazy Los Angeles winter. I have never had to wear sweaters and keep the heater on in my house before. Almost every week has been rainy and cold, I have absolutely no warm clothes so this further bums me out as I typically wear dresses/shorts and freeze my ass off. Another bummer about this month is playing the waiting game for my husband’s annual bonus *my bebe shower salvation* and I grow anxious counting down the days until the 26th. So overall this is not my most favorite time of year and I was hoping to hold my breath and close my eyes and breeze through till the wonderful March *my birthday is in March*. Seems today things have turned around for Feb. I have a flurry of lovely events coming up that I’m looking forward to attending. Tonight my good friend Nic and her bf have invited us to a Pre-Valentine’s day Mexican wrestling/burlesque/comedy/bar.
I have always wanted to go to one of these shows so I think it will be super fun. Hopefully I will be able to take pics *there will be midgets*. This weekend is my hubby’s art show opening which we are bringing his mother to and we are going to Olvera Street *historic Mexican shopping and food* to search for christening favors and a rosary for Liv. We’re also taking her to check out the hospital and buy a Year of the Tiger charm from the giftshop and lastly stop by St Andrew’s Church to get info on the chistening classes and show his Mom the church. Busy, I know but there’s still more! Sunday Leslie and Stephen *future Godparents* are having a Valentine’s Day brunch at their house. I said I would bring fruit so I’d better go shopping soon. Before you know it, it will be the 16th and our next doc appt. So I have a change of heart and I will not be so hard on February anymore. This seems to be an exciting time and I’ll be patient *my worst virtue* and enjoy these cold days. Besides, this Sunday is a new season of Amazing Race so that will help me through! Still have the bebe shower vs garage repair dilemma but once I know what his bonus will be and go to our tax appt on the 23rd, I’ll have a better perspective. Last night I had a *tearful* conversation with Antz about the bebe shower budget. He is so wonderful because he tries to reassure me that the shower will be everything I want but I know he would rather make home repairs and doesn’t want to spend so much on a party. I made my resolution to spend money more wisely and get some long-needed improvements done but not at the expense of my dream shower. I wish someone would understand my reasoning. To be honest with you, not even I can agree to this logic *of lack thereof*!

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