Shower rentals, photo booths and favors, Oh My!

I am engulfed in bebe shower planning. Yesterday I arrived at my acupuncturist a bit too early so I decided to check out a place nearby called Pico Party Rents. Total score! Not only do they have the black/black cushion chiavari chairs but their delivery charge is only $50.

The place I was originally going to use told me it would be $100 for delivery *extra if they have to bring the chairs upstairs* They will drop off the tables and chairs on Friday and pick them up on Sunday, so we’ll have to get something to cover the chairs so the morning dew doesn’t make the cushions wet. The prices are a bit higher than the other place but they seem more reputable and have much more selection. That is definitely a relief however I am still concerned with the tables and chairs in the grass and fitting everyone in such a tight space. I completely forgot about the tree that is on the patio, that may block the table I was planning to set up for the older guests so they wouldn’t have to walk in the grass. 🙁

The darn obstructive tree. Ten guests will be seated on the patio and the food and dessert tables will be set up there too. Since it’s a buffet, there has to be room for people to line up. I need to make a floorplan. Antz suggestion was to cut down the tree…sigh. I also have to figure out a way to put up a canopy over the food table so we can keep the flies out.

This is our patio furniture and I want to use our table/umbrella  *to provide shade for the older guests* but finding the right size linens is a problem. I don’t want to use our chairs but I’m trying to figure out how to seat 10 people at a 6 person table. The next issue is our yard. It’s L-shaped and I need to put 4 tables *2 will accomodate 11 people, 1 will hold 10 people and 1 will hold 6*. I think there is enough space but the tree will block the guests on the patio from the table in the grass.

The sad state of our lawn now. The rain has helped a bit but hopefully by April it will look like this again.

This is how our grass usually looks. We’re relocating the hammock to the top near the lemon tree

Hopefully, this is what the yard will be transformed to.

I’d like to put some pom poms in the lemon tree.

Another great find is a new photo booth rental company. The first place was priced the same but they are only offering 3 hours of service and the new place offers 4 and brings props.  We can fit at least 8 people in the booth and we are going to do 2 hours of color photos and 2 hours of black & white.

We are keeping our fingers crossed I don’t go into labor before May 15th and it doesn’t rain the weekend of the shower. I’ll upload the floorplan later. So I have been trying to convince my acupuncturist to be my labor doula. She told me that she was planning a trip to New York the same week of my due date *tears* she said she would help train Antz to be my substitute doula and she’ll help me with everything until she goes out of town. I guess I can live with that but I really want her to be present during the birth and help me remain calm and focused.

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