The madness now begins (Part II)

Our daughter is going to end up sleeping in a dresser drawer at the rate we are moving. I spent 3 hours this morning sorting, filing and getting rid of 10 years of paperwork. Our filing cabinet is at capacity. I feel a little more organized but last night I was really annoyed that I couldn’t find our home maintenance book that kept our records/remodeling info when we bought this house. Antz needed the paint name for the brown walls in his office. I still have to empty the cabinet over the hood/exhaust fan, orgainze our hallway linen cabinet, orgainze our kitchen drawers and make space for Antz tools on the top shelf over the laundry nook.
Goodbye old hood/exhaust fan and good riddence!

I am so exhausted! My back is aching and I’m hungry but the kitchen is a wreck so I can’t cook anything at the moment. We did get rid of our VCR and a box of VHS tapes and a few bags of trash but the living room is still looking like a storage facility. We may have someone interested in buying the TV stand for $50 which is going in Olivia’s ING Direct savings account along with the $100 Antz made in freelance and $100 I made selling some leftover meds. She is doing better than us! I wish I could put her savings in this adorable bank I bought yesterday from Urban Outfitters when I bought the curtains.

I bought the curtains by telephone because for some reason I couldn’t enter my $10 discount code online. It’s a great thing I did because I got the curtains for $18 each instead of the online price of $28 and I bought the owl bank for $8 and I saved about $40! I really hope they are heavy enough to get rid of the mini blinds but if not, they won’t look so bad. I recalculated our budget and managed to squeeze a budget for a new office chair for Antz. His old chair was plastic, too short and armless, I don’t know how he sat in it for 3 years but this new one is much better for his posture and back.

Not the prettiest chair in the world but a huge improvement. So this Saturday the stove is being installed and Tuesday the microwave/hood is being installed. Hopefully Home Depot can install the stove and I won’t have to pay the Gas Co. to come out on Tuesday. Yesterday I found a handyman to fix the light in the closet, he’s sort of weird but doesn’t charge too much. There are so many things to do my mind is feeling hazy. I need to reline the hallway closet with paper and make more space for the bebe’s toiletries and buy magazine bins from Ikea. Antz calls me Hoarders for keeping all my Domino, Cookie, Living and Real Simple mags but he will never understand how helpful they are for reference. I need to organize and catalog them, this is just about 5% of my mags. I’m sure I have the past 4 years of Domino which is awesome.

I am hoping I can negotiate with David for repairing the garage roof and get the work done in March.

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