What a year, 2010 Rules!!

Can I just say how amazingly awetastic 2010 has been so far 54 days in??!! Today Antz was off work because we had our annual tax appt with our family CPA, Gail

Gail and her lab Mollie, My Mom and Ching. Gail knew my Mom before I was born and was at the hospital when my Mom had me. She was one of the first people who saw me at birth. I’ve been going to Gail for my taxes for about 5 years now and she is a genius! She is my Jewish aunt. This year’s appt was so much better than last year. We got back $5000 more than I anticipated and that is a miracle because it looks like after some negotiating we may be able to get our garage repaired in March. 🙂  After we saw Gail with huge smiles on our face, we went to Lowes to take back the indoor plant/pot we killed by leaving it on the porch for a week. We bought curtain rods for the living room and I am hoping to buy these guys from Urban Outfitters.

We may have to keep the *horrible* mini blinds because the curtains are quite sheer but we’ll see.

We also went to Home Depot and BOUGHT A NEW STOVE!!! Finally, after almost 4 years we are getting rid of this heinous artifact.

Our new baby!

Not only did I score the online price in-store but we bought a matching microwave/range hood for only $199! I do have to call the Gas company to make sure we have the correct gas line *ours is prehistoric* and Antz has to take down the old hood range before the delivery on Saturday. I am so super excited for our house. No more popcorn in the nursery, new curtains in the living room, Antz put down manure in the backyard this morning since we have rain coming so hopefully our lawn will come back from the dead. More good news, Antz was able to get the new doorknob to fit. I just have to find a budget for the fireplace screen and a candlabra like this one

I am counting my blessings because when things look this good, something bad seems to lurk around the corner. For now I shall bask in the happiness sunshine and as soon as our refund is in our bank account I am ordering Olivia’s furniture. Looks like we’ll have the room finished right on schedule by April. The biggest concern is items on backorder and production time. Every year around this time I make major purchases and it’s inevitable items sell out. Such is life.
My second trimester is coming up on March 10th and my next doc appt. I’m getting tested for gestational diabetes. I am counting down until the next ultrasound so I can see her again.

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