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Last night I ordered the delightful Sasquatch! Music Festival Poster see below. What a steal at $37! Today I get an email from the artist, Don saying he is sold out of that poster and he offered me a refund. Hmmph, I was totally bummed so I started looking on ebay and other sites for the poster. I found a site called Poster Caberet that had it for $46.75 so I bought it. Well within 5 minutes I got an email from Don saying he can print the poster on giclee for no charge *usually $50* and he’ll ship it next Tuesday. Antz told me to say yes because giclee looks way better than poster print, problem was I had already completed the purchase with Poster Caberet. So I called them and asked to cancel the order and the guy with super nice and said no problem. Now my nursery will look super rad!

Sasquatch! 2009 Music Festival Poster by Invisible Creature (SOLD OUT)

Antz is going to take it to Aaron Bros to have it professionally framed. I’m just concerned with how expensive that may be but it’s worth it. I am glad I found Poster Caberet because I found these 2 mini posters that I love.

Bjork Concert Poster by R. Black

So rad! and both are under $30 but I need more wall space. So this weekend we have our work cut out for us. We need to prime/paint the entire nursery, ceiling and all the trim and crown molding. We are going to start tonight. Antz wasn’t able to remove the hood/exhaust fan last night so hopefully the installers will know how to do it. We are still looking for an electrician and haven’t sold the TV stand yet. We also have a bookcase, side table and chair we need to either sell or donate. The house is looking a bit less disastrous and Antz woke up early and cleaned the floor of the nursery but we need to fix the gap that is showing from the carpet removal and the baseboards.

I don’t know how we can afford it but I really want to get the floors refinished. We’ll see how they look after some Murphy’s Soap scrubbing. My living room curtains have shipped out and I still haven’t found pillows for the couch. I really want the Karen Hilton Union Jack pillow but Antz doesn’t like them so much.

Karen Hilton Designs

He thinks the color is too bright for the room and at $80 each they are pretty expensive. I found these at CB2 but they feel a bit boring.


Maybe we’ll find time to go by there this weekend while the paint is drying. I usually prefer painting at night when it’s not so hot but the weather is cloudy and it may rain. Today I’m going to the container store to pick up some magazine bins so my magazines look more orderly.

I love this collection but from $9.99 – $19.99 I’m not 100% sold. I definitely need a new folder for my finances because this is the state of my current one. It’s falling apart at the seams.

I need a bigger binder and more folders, I could also use a labelmaker so I need to contain myself today because I go crazy when it comes to office supplies. I’ll post my finding later today.

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