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So I am suffering severe insomnia. I’ve been awake since 4am 🙁 Yesterday we managed to get most of the painting done. When I say we of course I mean I did about 2% and Antz did everything else. Still need to do the trim and door. It sucks painting this room because it makes the rest of our house look like it needs paint too. Next time we are definitely hiring someone. Aimee came for a visit and brought more presents for Olivia. She somehow managed to buy the exact same things we already bought for her last week.

The espadrilles, the black/white romper and the crinkled embroidery dress. She also got me this daisy dress but I didn’t have it.

Just goes to show me and my best friend have the same taste! I’m going to wait until they debut the summer line and exchange the stuff. I still need to find a white maxi dress to wear for our pregnancy portraits.

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