Playing the waiting game…

I am the next contestant on the waiting game! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my packages since Saturday. I have 2 orders from the Gap *newborn clothes and my hospital pajamas*, 3 from Amazon *Flip camcorder, flip accessories and a memory card for our camera*, 1 from Target *the printer stand*, 1 from Nordstrom *Olivia’s christening gown* and 1 from Modern Nursery *crib bedding*. I am worried about the federal tax refund because it’s been 13 days since we submitted our returns, but maybe I’m just eager beaver since I have so much to finish on my long to-do list. I need to get on top of my bebe shower planning since April is next week and I need to send out the invitations by April 10th. When I was at Gilli’s she was telling me about a baby shower she went to that weekend. At the shower they played a name the baby celebrity  with photos of baby celebs. That made me have a light bulb moment, I need to provide photos of the celebrity babies on my quiz so our guests can figure who they are. So I’m going to print the children’s pictures and pin them to a foam board. I want to make it really cute.
I am seriously giddy right now, I just found a package on the porch and it’s addressed to Olivia!!!

It’s from her Godparents, Leslie & Stephen, they are so sweet to send it in her name. The gown is so beautiful, there’s embroidery and it’s almost as long as I am!

I need to find a nice box to keep it in. I also need to have her name embroidered on the bonnet. Where are the rest of my packages??!!! I took my car to the dealer for service this morning. My Mom is coming by after 2 so we’ll go pick it up and maybe go to Target.

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