It’s a Straw!

Today I only got one lousy package but this was a good one. I got my retro striped straws. However, Antz pointed out to the *pregnant minded-me* they are paper straws. I am taking a chance and mixing them with the straws the dispenser came with. Color palette wise, I think it works, I’m no longer sweating the small stuff.

I lucked into a brillant shower idea during a chat with my girl Mia, she told me at her shower she had an artist draw baby caricatures of the guests. He works with Antz and said he would do our shower for $150 for 2 hours. I am all over this idea!! Now I need to squeeze him into the budget *I refuse to go a penny over budget*. I am also trying to figure out an alternative to the pom poms in the lemon tree. Maybe Antz can whip up something lovely.

So far Antz Mom, sister, nephew, Story and Chris have RSVPed for the shower. Aimee is coming over with Holden on Thursday and she said our invites are fucking rad and she wishes she was our daughter!! 🙂

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