I truly am Violently Happy today

Nothing is better than hearing our daughter’s heartbeat! We went to our prenatal appt today and her heartbeat was 140. My uterus is measuring at 34 inches and I have LOST 3 lbs since March. I don’t get how I seem to lose weight, I feel like all I do is eat and drink POG juice. I have been running around and working on the nursery so I suppose that was the trick. We stopped at the post office to pick up a package they tried to deliver yesterday. It was just what I thought, our black take-out boxes.

They are much smaller than I thought they would be but we can make them work. They are made of plastic so that will be good enough for guests to take home leftovers. Tonight Antz will print the guest’s name stickers. I am so anxious to get all the RSVPs!!
So after our doc appt., I went to Old Navy to exchange a dress. This is the one I got

Pretty comfy wear-around-the house dress. My favorite new dresses are the one I wore today and this striped dress/tunic.

When I finished making the exchange I picked up Antz from work and we had lunch together. Then I went to Nordstrom and picked up my shoes and some socks for Liv. I thought I bought the wrong color sandals but I looked online and I think the ones I bought are right, they just have different colored stones than the one I tried on. I tried them on again but still haven’t zipped them up. I have a pair of sandals that zip in the back that Antz had to help me zip after lots of pulling and struggling. Now I can zip them up myself no problem so I am hoping I can break these in by May. I still love them

I finally made it home *so tired* and tried on my Tom’s and OMG I love them!! They are majorly rad and comfy. I can’t believe it took me so long to get a pair. They have arch support and feel like socks.

They look ten times better in person. I put away all my new maternity clothes, I am feeling like I bought too many nursing tops but hopefully by July, I’ll be glad I did. I seriously needed new tops. I also got some jackets and a cardigan since my old ones looked pretty ratty. I am so done on clothes shopping *for me at least* I still need to buy Olivia’s Uggs, her bumblebee anklet and her Tiffany’s brush. I need to order the babywrap, and a few more shower items. I am hoping only 45 people RSVP so I can cut back on chair rentals and food so I can fit the caricaturist into our budget. I still need to put together the celeb baby board game and buy the awesome yarn wreath for the front door.

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