Monday Madness

Not so much madness but busy as ever. I finally got an email from David *roof contractor* about our invoice and he is scheduled to start work on our roof on Tuesday morning. I am super excited but also nervous because we have never had major construction done before and I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be done in a timely and stress-free manner. It will be so nice to have the leak fixed and our house will look nicer.
Yesterday I dragged Antz to Balboa Island because I had a serious craving for a corndog. It was pretty cloudy so I thought it would be less people out, well it was, we found parking relatively easy but it was seriously cold and windy. We only stayed about 30 minutes. I pigged out in a major way!

I totally lagged and didn’t work on the celeb baby game last night. I need to start finding the pics of the babies today. We still need to finish the moustaches but that should get done some time this week. I have 20 official rsvps and it’s making me anxious because I have enough for 45 and I want 45 confirmed people! This Thursday is our christening class so I finally get Aimee and Leslie together. Sadly Stephen is out of town so he is missing the class. Boo!
Yay, buzz at my door, it’s Mr UPS!! He delivered the tazi pouf and her See Kai Run shoes. I was worried she had too many sneakers but now she is pretty even.

I have to get ready for acupuncture now so I’ll open the pouf when I get home.

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