We’re Crafty!

*warning old people alert* I don’t know how we were so tired last night but we called it a night at 9:30 pm! We worked on the moustaches and man, oh man, they look awesome!! I was in charge of drawing templates and cutting out the felt ‘staches while Antz cut the foam ‘staches and added the stick. They are quite simple to construct but I was being neurotic about being precise in my cutting. So far we have 22 done so we are almost half finished. Hopefully they’ll get done today and I’ll start working on the celeb baby game board.

Finished the clothespins

Have I ever mentioned how rad it is to be married to a genuis artist? My darling Antz spent his morning and a chunk of the afternoon finishing Olivia’s *Sea Monster* painting. This was the preliminary stage and the finished work.

Hopefully you can see the details, it’s Capt. Olivia on the boat facing the *non* ferocious sea monster. I love her blue pirate hat. We totally will have a fearless daughter. I love it so much!!

We had to reconfigure the placement in the room. I originally wanted to put the painting behind the glider in the corner but it’s hidden there and when I’m sitting in the glider nursing her, I want to look at the painting. So now his Radiohead poster will go in the corner and his Mickey Mouse painting will go next to the hutch. I should be getting my pouf tomorrow so that leaves the glider, bassinet and her stroller *still waiting for the 2010 model to be released*. I feel like I am running out of time!! 7 weeks and counting.

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