Here comes the stress train, full steam ahead!

The last 2 months have been quite pleasant. I have been getting things done, feeling accomplished and fairly stress-free. Well say goodbye to all that because I have had a pit in my tummy since yesterday. I have 3 HUGE issues that is seriously giving me the sighs. First is the start of construction of our roof repair. I found the contractor, David, from my next door neighbor when he did her roof. He seemed like a cool, guy and I was impressed with his work. Well this weekend he sent me an invoice to get started on the work *they are starting today* and I emailed him back to include clean-up/debris removal, warranty for the roof and an estimated completion date. So far I’ve heard nothing from him. Now this morning he was supposed to be at our house between 8 – 9 am. Granted it’s 9am right now but I had to call him and see where he was and  tried to give me the ole’ I’ll be there at 9:30. Meanwhile Antz is waiting around for this guy and it’s making him late for work. He is supposed to show up in 15 minutes and he still doesn’t have a final contract for me. He has asked me to pay him the first half of the total payment but I am steadily losing faith in him. Stress!

Now that our garage has no roof, our bikes have to spend the next week on the patio, hopefully it won’t rain!

Next, I ordered the *not so* fabulous feathers on April 6th. When I placed the order I requested black vases, well this guy, Jason emailed me to tell me black vases are $2 each. So I said sure I’ll pay $10 to have black vases. He had me call yesterday to give him my cc number to charge me for the $10. Late last night I happened to look at my bank account and he charged me $10 and RE-CHARGED me for the entire order again!! I am so annoyed. I left him a message to call me but of course, so far nothing! I am particularily annoyed by this guy because he was very unprofessional on the phone yesterday *he put me on hold 3 times to take personal calls* and he sent me an email to confirm the shipping and tracking of my order WITHOUT any shipping or tracking info! What a moron. 🙁
The last and most stressful situation is my *ignorant isn’t strong enough a word* neighbors from across the street. They have been trouble for us since we moved here 4 years ago. Well they have started up a *band* again and they have been practicing *outside* every single day this month. I mean LOUD and HORRIBLE. The more they practice the worse they sound. I can pretty much tolerate them now but if I hear one peep out of them the day of my shower I’m gonna lose it. It’s not like they are reasonable people, they have parents but they are total idiots and have no remorse or care anything for their neighbors. Their house is digusting and they have created this makeshift tent outside for their sons to *live in* and it’s really embarrassing. I can’t believe we were completely oblivious to them when we bought our house. We seriously never even looked at that house, we were too excited about our house. I have learned the most valuable lesson in my life, research your neighbors before you purchase a house. No matter what we improve and upgrade on this house those losers will always make it difficult to live here. We can’t just ask them to be quiet, we have never spoken to them and want to keep it that way. Antz cousin is a police officer so he is on our side and if he’s working that day, he’ll swing by to make sure they stay quiet but he can’t be here all day and the noise from their playing is intensified in our backyard. I am full of anxiety of what’s going to happen that day. Last night I was thinking about my husband’s aunts baking in the hot sun and having to go into our house because there is no umbrellas. Antz tells me I am crazy and I have to let go of the worrying so I am working on it. I need to just sit *on my new tazi pouf* in the nursery and regenerate my happiness bars.

So on-going drama with the feathers. I did speak to someone and was issued a refund *although it hasn’t gone through yet* but the package is clearly labeled Handle with Care Glass!! and yet the UPS guy *not my regular* threw it in the front yard and it was laying in the roses.

I am keeping my fingers crossed the vases didn’t break because I will go mad if I have to deal with this company anymore. They are completely incompetent. Antz is going to open it when he gets home. He is stopping by a thrift store to look for the frame on his way home. I am happy that the backyard grass seems to be growing but the same, sad bald patch looks awful. Our roses look awesome but too bad they’ll be dead in 3 weeks.

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