Feather Fiasco Averted

So Antz and I opened the feather package while holding our breath, I was so worried the vases would be chipped or cracked. They are fine, much taller than I thought. The feathers look totally small in person. I asked Antz to make a sample centerpiece and it’s BEAU-TI-FUL!

Our centerpieces will love just as nice as these.

He only used 19 feathers so there would be 6 more in the centerpiece. We are going to put small rocks inside the vase to weigh them down. My only concern is the feathers blocking the guests at the table, but they may be tall enough.
So Antz called the noise abatement number to report our *dumbass* neighbors for playing their lame music so late. We want to establish a history of them disturbing the peace long before the shower. The sucky part is 15 minutes after he called, they stopped as if they knew we called the cops on them! Super bummer. Now we look like we are crying wolf. How do we get them reported if they always stop right before the police arrive?? I want them to get fined so they stop playing. 🙁

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