Boy did I jinx myself

Last week *Tuesday to be exact* the construction began on our garage roof. We were then told it will take one week for completion *today*. I was in such great spirits, I have heard so many horror stories of my friends having construction done and it being a nightmare. Our guys were working so well, and I felt so stress-free I was sure we’d be done earlier than today. Well all that came to a halt when we had a visit from Mr building inspector. Now we are having blueprints *for our technical, deck* drawn and David has to purchase another permit. So the inspector will have to come back 3 more times before he approves our plans. Now I’m looking at April 30th as our completion date *not accounting for rain or inspection holding the workers up*. This is so lame! My only stroke of luck is we started early enough to have time for them to finish before May. My acupuncturist told me never start construction when your preggers or have a newborn. Next year we *were* planning to hire the same guys to convert our plumbing from galvanized pipes to copper. I feel like we need to get the work done for resale but I’d rather start saving for a down payment. My only hope is my Mom sells her place in LA and gives us a down payment gift. This house is too small, has too many repairs to be made and the neighbors suck.

I would love to move to Atwater Village but the house I really want isn’t on the market and it kills me that I know the current owners paid $636k for it and now Zillow is estimating it’s worth $770k.

Another problem is Atwater is a great town but it has just as much crime as Highland Park and there are burglaries. What makes Atwater so awesome is the main street *Glendale Blvd* has a ton of Mom & Pop boutiques that are amazing but sadly because of the economy many of the shops have been closing.


The location couldn’t be more perfect, Atwater Village is close to Griffith Park and Olivia’s soon-to-be Preschool. It’s also 5 minutes from Antz job. We spend a lot of time in the neighborhood walking Max just to check things out and there are many families like us, everyone seems really friendly. There is a dance studio, knitting shop, tons of art galleries, Starbucks, wine tasting, so many great places in walking distance. Every year we go to the Atwater Village Christmas tree lighting ceremony and the Summer Nights festival.

I have become friends on Facebook with a co-chair on the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council. I would love to become active in community events. Our goal is in the next 5 years we can sell this place *hopefully just break even* and move to Atwater Village.

Wishful thinking but that’s what got us here to begin with.

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