Goodbye Monday!

I woke up to a sunny, full of promise Monday only to be let down. My contractor, David called early to let us know the building inspector would be coming by today to inspect our site. We were totally happy and at ease but David came by around noon *just as my gardener arrived and I had to get dressed for acupuncture* to give me the devastating news that we did not pass inspection. Due to us putting up a railing on the garage roof *which was there previously* it would make the roof a deck and we don’t have a deck permit. David said we can’t get a deck permit without an architect drawing. The architect came by and said he charges $600 for a blueprint. LAME! I was so upset I didn’t even enjoy my session with Gilli. So many things have been weighing on my mind lately. The construction has been held up since Thursday so they won’t be done on time, the state of our lawn in the backyard is sad, I only have 24 confirmed rsvps and I was bummed about how cluttered and disorganized our house was. After seeing Gilli and having a cry on the phone with Antz and my Mom I came home cleaned the kitchen, put away the laundry and cleaned the bathroom. Antz came home early to help straighten the house and he spoke to David and let him know we aren’t paying a cent more to get the permits and blueprint. He really made me feel 100% better. 🙂 The crew came by this evening and put a tarp over the roof in case of rain this week.

David sent Antz a text letting him know the permit has been taken care of and they should have the inspection next Friday or Monday. I feel so reassured now. Although the work has stressed me out and it won’t be finished until April 30th, I am very happy we are getting the roof fixed. Now if only we can work on the grass. I *attempted* to speak with my gardener, Jose *in Spanglish* to let him know to come on the 10th so it’s closer to our party. I doubt he understood me because he kept bringing up Mother’s Day. Now that we cleared out the kitchen and got organized I feel sane again. I am hoping to keep things clean and tidy so there is less to do before the party. My Mom invited us to see her play at an art show on May 8th so I have to have all the shower details taken care of by then. It sucks so many people have yet to rsvp, I was worried I’d have too many people, now I’m worried I won’t have enough. 🙁 Antz keeps telling me, you gave them until May 1st to respond so try to relax until then. Tomorrow should be a much better day, we have our first prenatal class and I am looking forward to it. Optimism express!!

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