Just when you think everything is fine…BAM!

We must have used up our good luck last month because now we are on a bad luck streak. I was so excited to get our garage roof repaired and now I regret we even decided to do the work. Our contractor told us it would take 5 days and he added 2 additional days just in case. They started the work on Tuesday April 13th *bad luck already I know* and said he would be finished Tuesday April 20th. Today is exactly 2 weeks later and they haven’t done any work to the garage since Thursday April 15th. David told us last week he was having blueprints drawn to get city permits and we should have them by Friday April 23rd or Monday April 26th. We didn’t hear anything from David until Antz sent him a text message at 5pm last night. This morning the architech came by to take measurements and told Antz he should have something by NEXT WEEK!! I haven’t been sleeping well ever since Friday April 16th and now I have the stress of this project. I don’t even want to think about what if they don’t finish the job by our shower. Seriously, doing construction when you are pregnant is the worst idea ever. I worry everyday that I will go into early labor and having a baby and dealing with this garage nightmare is something I am unprepared to deal with. I was much more worried about shower issues a month ago than a 3 week garage roof repair. The only reason we hired David is because he completely re-did my neighbor Carol’s house roof in 2 quick weeks. I was really impressed with how quickly and respectful the crew worked I wanted them to do ours. Our roof is a fraction of the size of Carol’s house and so much drama! The worst part is David isn’t keeping us updated, we feel like we have to call him to remind him about our project. He knows I’m having a shower on the 15th but he can’t work up until the 14th. This whole thing is making me have a knot in my stomach. 🙁

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