It’s a new week!

I was hoping this last week of April will be a productive one. It’s already lagging because no work has been done on the garage for 2 weeks and I am just now getting a call from the architect asking to come by tomorrow morning to look inside the garage. That means the blueprints aren’t finished and David doesn’t have the permit so it could possibly push our completion date a few days. Ugh!! I am over construction projects 🙁 This is really becoming a nightmare and it’s such a small job. It holds us up from organizing and cleaning our house because all the holiday decorations are in the trunks of our cars *we had to move most of the stuff from the garage* and Antz tools, and things we store in the garage are in the living room and hallway. It’s really lame.

Today I went to acupuncture and had a really peaceful session. Gilli talked to me about labor options and getting prepared for the birth. She still is saying if she is in town she’ll be my doula. She gave me a number to call to have my placenta made into pills for me to take after the birth. Sounds gross but it’s going to help me replenish my blood and help battle post-partum depression. After seeing her, I went to a fabric store to look for matching thread for my baby shower dress.

I also wanted to buy black linens for the shower tables but the least expensive they carried wasn’t the right size. Purchasing and having to sew the fabric to make it fit the 5ft x 30″ tables would be more expensive than renting the linens. Again, lame to the max! I had a $25 budget for black fabric and if I rent them I will spend almost $60!! I even went to Smart & Final to look for inexpensive table linens and they only had 40″ x 100″ plastic tablecloths for $14.99 each. Tacky city! Antz and I are going to look in the fabric district of downtown LA this weekend but I know they won’t have the right size. So far the only thing I can cross off the list for today is Antz is presently priming the door mat for the pink spray paint. If it dries before dark maybe he’ll spray it tonight. He also got 2 more rsvps today at work and asked his friend to print our baby shower posters. He is doing much better than I am. 🙂
Tomorrow is the second half of our Labor & Delivery class. I don’t have much I can work on during the day since Antz has all the shower designs on his laptop and I don’t know how to use Flash so I’m feeling a bit useless. Waah. I did order the frames for our pregnancy portraits today.

I love the color and ornate style of these frames but I worry that 4 x 6 is a tad too small. The wall space in our house is pretty much maximized at the moment so I’m not sure where they will end up but we are putting them on the gift table at the shower.

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