Worst day ever has now become best day ever!

I was super bummed earlier today but now I am MEGA STOKED!! Antz spoke to David and he has promised us the blueprints would be done tomorrow and permits drawn and the crew will be back to work by Thursday so all is well *I hope*. So that of course immediately cheered me up. Then on the way home Antz had more junk to drop off to Goodwill and he picked up a couple of frames for the shower. We are going to paint them tomorrow. We went to our last Labor & Birth class and it was super fun. I really like the instructor, Carolyn.

I am totally freaked out about the labor but I am better prepared. I really hope Gilli will be there because she is my only hope to make it through the delivery drug-free. So when we got home from class I had an email from Sarah with our maternity pics. OMG!!! I was expecting greatness but these photos look FANTASTIC!! I love them so much, here are my favorites. Sarah is a genius. I can’t wait to see her again for Olivia’s newborn shoot.

I think they look amazing, Sarah has a really great eye and made the shoot fun. It totally fits our personality. I wish she was in LA more often, I want to recommend her to everyone!!! Nighty Night

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