5 Days to go till Cirque du Bebe

This week in going to blur by in an instant. Yesterday we went to Lowes  to pick up red paint for the front door and then we went to Ikea to get a new lack side table for the living room. On the way home we stopped by Antz sister, Debra’s to give her the map to the hospital and a checklist of the food to pick up on Saturday. I am a bit concerned of how much food we will have. I am going to Pico Party Rents before I go to acupuncture to place the table/chairs order. After acupuncture I am going to meet with Bill at PF Changs to place the catering order. I started the online Sprinkles order but I’m waiting until Tuesday to place the order in case I change my mind *for the hundredth time*. I have been checking the weather report every 5 minutes because last Saturday it was too hot, like uncomfortably hot. The forecast is sunny at 74° so hopefully noone will pass out from the sun! I need to start major cleaning mode but I also have to wait until closer towards the end of the week because our house is constantly dusty and anything I do today will be dirty by Thursday. I am trying to think of a present for Debra and My Mom for their help with the shower. I am a little worried because although the workers have been here for 2 hours, I haven’t heard any work started. I finished all my things to do this weekend except we didn’t sew my dress but thats like a 5 minute job so we can do that tonight. Tomorrow is a very low key day for such a busy week, we just need to assemble the feather centerpieces and continue cleaning.
Holy Benjamin Buttons!!
I have had a busy, exhausting day. I went to acupuncture, paid for the rentals, shoved a gross grilled cheese sandwich down my throat, paid for the catering, then went to Target and spent more than I should have. I just had to make 4 trips up and down the stairs of my house to bring all the stuff in. I also had to move my heavy filled trash cans so I could get into my parking space. I am spent! But I did everything on my list 🙂
I picked up some more Sharpies for the onesies, I bought new sheets to match our fancy bedding and new pillows for the hospital. I have this new thing going on where I get like a hot flash when I’m in stores. It sucks because I feel so sweaty and I immediately have to sit down and let it pass. I just got home and I need to make a glass of pog. Oh and David and his crew are working on the garage at full speed. I am so happy that everything is coming into place! *keeping fingers crossed because I am a jinx*
Oh and yesterday Antz built the bassinet, I forgot to post it.

Whew, Antz and I majorly cleaned the kitchen. Tomorrow we’ll work on the living room. I wanted to see if the baby bottles will fit on the tray and of course only 4 didn’t fit, wah! They do fit in the fridge 🙂

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