So what’s life outside of the internet like?

It’s surprisingly busy. Well, in a non running around like a chicken with its head cut off *as my Mom would say* sort of way. We spent the night at Antz Mom’s house and his sister made us waffles for breakfeast. Liv was telling us she wanted 2 of them!


Our favorite spot is Jamba Juice!


I adore this photo by Antz


I slept in really late on Sunday and even took a second nap after breakfast. I must have needed the sleep because when we went home I was full of energy and I managed to start reading one of my Book Club novels and I did two crafting projects that have been on my To-Do list for ages.
We bought this metal B from the Rose Bowl Flea Market way back in March and it needed some pizazz so I dressed it up in some yarn and Martha Stewart floral stickers.


The wrapping was a little harder than I thought on the curves and corners but I’m happy with the end result. I just may buy some more letters and pop them into our Esty shop *what a sellout I’ve become*



I was so inspired by my craftiness that I finally made Liv’s pillowcase dress *ahh, it feels so good to cross #9 off my list* Because I was computer disabled I couldn’t look online so I just used her store bought pillowcase dress as a template and finagled my way through it.



I made mine a bit larger since she’s growing like a weed







I couldn’t get her to stand still to get a shot of the back so this is one of her running away. I’m still considering adding rickrack to the bottom but I only have blue and I want to use pink. I LOVE this fabric. I must go back to Common Thread Studio for something for me *that place is mega rad*


She’s going to wear it tomorrow at World Citizen Class so I am keeping my fingers crossed it won’t fall off of her. It took me under an hour to make it and Antz is very proud of me. I’m not saying I have a new career as a seamstress *I never measure or use a pattern plus I’m much too lazy* but for now Liv is happy to wear Mommy’s handicrafts.

Taa Tah!

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