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This evening my honey called me to let me know on his way home he was picking up cardstock for our printing and stopping by a thirft store to look for the menu frame. No luck on the frame but he did find this treasure.

He knew he couldn’t pass this up for $10 bucks! He is going to polish the chrome and I’m going to find fabric to use as a seat cushion. We aren’t completely sold on if we are going to give it to her because I had this tricyle in mind

It’s from Restoration Hardward for $179 and totally adorable. I’m sure Antz could make the one he bought look awesome. So today I was searching for the swan top Jessica Alba’s daughter was wearing but no luck.

I left a comment on People.com asking if anyone knew the designer and I checked Etsy but I only find Bella Swan from Twilight shirts. 🙁
While I was on People.com I saw this adorable pic of Nicole Richie and Harlow.

She is starting to be my favorite celeb tot in place of Apple Martin, she grew out of her adorableness.
I love that she is always sporting See Kai Run shoes and I plan to buy 3 pair for Olivia.

Love these the most!
We are working on shower printing now. Antz printed the sample invite *which we are having printed double-sided at Kinkos on glossy paper* to test the placement and resolution. I am so stoked about his design!! I am not so stoked about my handwritten address. I like the white pencil on the black envelope but it feels too elementary school and I had to ask Antz to draw lines to keep my spacing straight. Problem is Antz can’t print them in white ink so we either print them in another color or use my so-so handwriting.
Oh, I got a UPS package today but sadly it wasn’t my glider, mattress or Gap order but just my birth ball. Antz has to find the needle for our bike pump so he can blow it up for me. Hopefully, I’ll get one of the 3 tomorrow. I actually tracked the mattress and it’s still in Ohio and I may get it on Saturday.

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