Happy Friday *Fridays always rule*

Antz and I had our doula meeting with Gilli this afternoon. She gave us lots of tips and positions to use during labor. I am freaked out but Antz is going to help me. I am so glad I have the birth ball to help with back pain. Afterwards, I went to Vons and bought some snacks to take to the hospital *hopefully I won’t eat them before*. Then I grabbed lunch. When I got home, Mr. UPS delivered our car seat base and Liv’s stroller. I was so nervous that it may be the wrong one but I opened the box and it looks like the right model. I am so excited because now she has everything she needs. Last night when Antz got home he had the eurotub that Nic & Ale got us. I can’t think of any other necessities we may need except this breast pump and some bottles *as a backup*

Gilli convinced me we will need a pump in case I get engorged and she thinks Antz should be able to feed Olivia too. I would have to give her a bottle by 8 weeks anyway. Tomorrow we are taking Antz truck in for service and get his alarm fixed. Then we are taking Max to the vet for his annual checkup and meds. Then we are going to Giggle to buy the pump and bottles. Then to the Santa Anita mall to get her bibs and her christening bonnet embroidered and shop for clothes for Antz. We’ll probably go to Target to look at the bedding sets while we are out too. We have a pretty full day. Tonight we are going for a walk in Atwater and we are putting together the stroller and putting the car seat in my car.

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