Happy Anniversary…Antz big 10 years at work!!

Today is Antz 10 year work anniversary. That’s nuts, I know! He found the job while working at Aaron Bros and a co-worker told him about the place. I was totally skeptical because this was back in 2000 and I thought dot com businesses were unstable but 10 years later, a new house and now a new baby, it was the best thing that has ever happened to us. I am super proud of him, he is the second-longest employee at the company *the receptionist has been there 11 years*. I invited a bunch of people to lunch today at his fave restaurant, Sedthee Thai. So this morning the workers have returned. I really need them to finish by next week.
We went to Leslie’s art show in downtown LA tonight. She is Superwoman, she always has 30 things going on at once. It was fun, I am happy Jes was there so we could chat, she’s such a sweetie! I wish I could buy this apron but we honestly have no wall space left in this house.

I also want to buy this decal to put in the kitchen but we have to paint the wall first, the yellow that’s in there now is a bad paint job and pretty gross.

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