8 Days to go…eek!

Pretty boring Tuesday, David came by with the inspector and we got the final sign off. His crew came by to drop off our broom and our garage door opener and pick up the rest of their tools. So it has come to a close and the garage/deck is now complete. He is coming by tomorrow to get his last check. I must be in full-on nest mode because I cleaned the kitchen and our bedroom like nobody’s business. I did 4 loads of laundry, I filed months of paperwork and I organized my desk *seems like I do that every week*. Antz brought dinner home and we took a short walk in Atwater Village with Max. At first I was feeling stuffed and uncomfortable but the walk was nice. We hadn’t taken Max out in months so he was sniffing around and growling at every person. There are a few new shops open on Glendale Blvd. that look cool. I am bummed that our favorite art gallery and shop closed last month. When we got home we put together her activity mat and hung out in the nursery. I read Olivia the Giving Tree and I cried like a baby. I am so emotional right now, it’s annoying. I can’t shake this feeling of terror about labor. Everyone is telling me I can do it and I’ll be fine but easier said than done. Last night we went to Fridas for Happy Hour with Roxy. I ordered *virgin* strawberry margaritas and they were yummy. We really had a good time.

Tomorrow we have a prenatal appt. I am not looking forward to Dr. Teng checking my cervix again. I do want to know what position Liv is in, last week she was facing my right side so we need her to turn. Olivia currently has the hiccups. Nothing much going on this week. Still feeling trepidatious *bites nails*

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