Down to single digits….WHAAAA??!!

OMG!! 9 days until my due date! Holy shit in a basket, I am so nervous, terrified, excited and anxious. That’s alot of emotions. I am nervous about Olivia’s and my health during the labor. I have too many what-if scenarios floating in my mind. I am terrified of the pain, the aftermath and the responsibility of taking care of this incredible bebe. I am excited to meet her and shower her with love and affection. I am anxious to hold her, smell her, and bring her home. Yesterday we got alot done but we didn’t go visit Antz Mom. We finally put the car seat in my car, and the extra base in Antz car but we still need to take them to a firehouse and ask them if we installed them correctly. Antz printed the shower photos and we finished the scrapbook. Sorry these pics look so crummy

I am picking up my Mom to go to Gilli’s today. Then we’ll have lunch. Tonight we are having dinner for our friend Roxie who is in town from Hong Kong. I need to go to Giggle to buy the breast pump, bottles and burp cloths. I repacked my bag and it’s completely full. Antz hasn’t really packed yet but it’s fine because all the stuff he would pack is stuff he uses on a daily basis. I am worried we have waay too much stuff but I’d rather have more than less. I should get dressed, I tend to procrastinate on Monday mornings and then I run late all day. I am super tempted to go back to Urban today and buy the Nikes for Antz and get this fedora I tried on. I know I have been spending too much money but I feel like this is our last shopping spree opportunity before Liv is here, lame I know!

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