The most monumental event of my life *Part One*

Our daughter Olivia Lily has arrived!! Obviously, I have been away for the last 3 days becoming a Mom and I have been putting off this blog just because I have information overload *as well as pictures*. I have to press rewind and go all the way back to Tuesday evening to tell the tale. Tuesday evening around 9:30 ish I went to the bathroom. As I was finishing up I noticed a small gush happen. I thought it was just me using the bathroom but when I got up, there was more. I called Antz to get his assessment and he wasn’t too concerned but he said maybe your water is breaking. I was like NOOO our appt with Dr. Wang is tomorrow at noon, she has to stay put till then. So I took a shower and while in there I kept feeling a clear mucusy gush. After the shower I was drying off and when I stood up water was coming down my leg so I had to call Dr Teng and tell her. She told me to go to the hospital and have them give me a Ph test to see if it was indeed my water breaking. Luckily, Antz had just packed his hospital suitcase and it took us about a half an hour to load up the car. On the way I realized I’d left my lip gloss at home so we had to make a stop at the grocery store and it was just like a movie that when we were waiting in line, the woman in front of us had close to 2 shopping carts full of groceries and I’m standing there with my chapstick and my water breaking waiting patiently. We arrived at the hospital close to 11pm and they sent us to Triage and had me change into a gown *gross* and put a fetal monitor on me. As I was laying in the bed I felt a warm flow of water like I was peeing my pants. Holy Cow, it was tons of water just pouring out on the bed *so weird*. So they admitted us and a little after midnight it was official I was in labor and Olivia was coming right on time.

We moved into the Labor & Delivery suite and although the nurse told me I was having contractions I didn’t feel a thing. I was so happy I made it to the final week.

The hospital had wifi so of course I had to update my facebook status and tweet a bit. So from midnight to 4am I was on pitocin and having contractions every 2-4 minutes but I wasn’t having any major pain. By 5 am I was really feeling the pain so I asked *well begged* for an epidural.

It wasn’t so bad and it took about 20 minutes to start working. I felt a bit defeated because I wanted to have as drug-free labor as I could and already I was hooked on antiboitics, pitocin, fluids and the epidural. Well once the epi kicked in I was a happy camper. I was about 4 cm dilated so my nurse told me I should be giving birth around 1pm *an hour for every cm I dilate*. Dr Teng stopped by *she had 2 c-sections scheduled that morning* to check my progress. My Mom, Antz Mom, his two sisters, Debra and Reva and Aimee came to visit me.
We all started singing TV theme songs whenever I felt a contraction. Close to 11 am I started feeling the pain again so I had to ask for another hit of the epidural.
Not my best look I know. So after I got my happy juice, my nurse told me in 30 minutes I could start pushing.

So quicker than I knew it, the time came to start pushing. I wasn’t in any great amount of pain but I didn’t think I was pushing hard enough. I asked my support team to count in Spanish and French but I wasn’t able to make it past 7. The nurse told me I was doing fine and with each contraction, she was moving further down. After about 45 minutes of pushing Dr Teng came in and it took another 20 minutes before I saw Olivia’s head *there was a mirror set up so I could see what was going on*. My Mom video-ed and took tons of photos but I shall spare you the gory details. Lets just see the ones that aren’t too graphic.
Olivia Lily born Wednesday June 2, 2010 at 1:35 pm. 8 lbs 5.9 oz and 21 inches long. Her agpar scores were 8 & 9.

I should be taking a nap so part two will have to be posted later. Happy Happy!

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