The most monumental event of my life *Part Deux*

After Olivia’s arrival we were moved into the recovery room which was smaller than the labor suite. The bed was surprisingly comfortable but that’s with the aid of my awesome bedding.


We met so many awesome nurses during our 2 day stay but my favorite was Alma and Kim. Alma was our night nurse and Kim was our day nurse. They were both extremely friendly and helpful but Alma was hilarious, she was Filipino but she told us she lived in Saudi Arabia before she moved to California. She was so encouraging with Olivia *we could tell she was her favorite baby in the ward*. She taught me the awesome trick of breastfeeding while laying down and told us to put a little A&D ointment in Liv’s diaper to prevent diaper rash. Aimee hung out with us for a few hours and brought me my first post labor meal from Boston Market.

Olivia hardly cried and we quickly figured out how to keep her happy. Antz changed Liv’s first diaper with help of Alma and his sister, Reva. I am so disappointed I forgot to take pics with Alma but you can hear her voice on a video we took.I felt pretty good after delivery. I had to get 4 stitches but I hardly felt them. I thought it was look like a horror movie down there but it wasn’t so bad. It took a great amount of effort to get in and out of bed and I went to the bathroom only 5 times in 2 days but I wasn’t in any serious pain. The nurses kept offering me pain killers but I didn’t want to have it in my breastmilk. Feeding…at first, it hurt and I felt awkward but I got into a rhythm with Liv. Antz was amazing at keeping her happy.

The nights at the hospital were difficult. Antz was sleeping on a cot that wasn’t so comfy and there was a light in our room we couldn’t turn off so it made it hard for us to sleep. Plus the nurses came in to check on us often and the hospital was a noisy place.
Poor exhausted Antz
He hadn’t slept for 48 hours
I couldn’t sleep even when I had a chance. I had to watch her sleep, I was feeding every 2 hours and that was hard to get used to. Antz was doing 80% of diaper duty. The nurses were impressed by our record keeping and how organized we were *not surprised, we rule!* This book was really incredible at helping us keep track of her feedings and her diapers.
The first day/night Liv gave us 8 meconium poops which is super. Nicolette came to visit us the next day and brought Olivia lovely yellow daisies and a balloon.










The daisies look so sweet in her nursery. Liv had to get her PKU test and Hep B vaccine before we were discharged.

So while she was in the nursery we went to the hospital cafeteria and I *after 10 long months* devoured some crappy store-bought California rolls 🙂 Thursday morning Dr Teng came by to check on me. She said I did an amazing job and I would see her for a follow up in 6 weeks. Then Dr Wang came by to check Olivia. She is super nice, I am so glad we switched because she is great! Friday we were given the okay to leave so we took Olivia home around 2pm.
Saying goodbye to Nurse Kim
It was my first time ever riding in a wheelchair!
She wasn’t very happy about being the car seat but I let her suck my finger and that made her happy. Liv had her first stop at Jamba Juice because I was craving it.
We came home and the adorable welcome home banner I bought from Etsy was hanging for Liv.
I’ll post about our first week home later. Today is Liv’s first week birthday and we are taking her weekly pic with Totoro.

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