I am such a lamo, forgive me!

I feel like I have neglected my blogging duties but the joy of motherhood leaves me little free time. We are currently at my Mom’s house in Apple Valley. I am so happy we got out of town *even if it’s still local* for a few days. Olivia loves it out here! We put her in her starfish float in the spa, she had so much fun.

Please ignore my lion’s mane hair *another thing I have been neglecting*. She rested on top of the water and was so content. I slathered her with Baby Aveeno sunscreen. Olivia’s cute bathing suit didn’t fit at all *too small* so she was in the buff.

I am majorly bummed because this was such a great deal and super cute. I hope we find another one at Janie & Jack tomorrow. We enjoyed the 105 degrees and the weather out here has been warm, not unbearably hot as it usually is. My Mom set up her room for us and we brought her bassinet. I feel like all I have done out here is eat and watch TV. Well I don’t know how July got here so fast but today our daughter is ONE MONTH OLD!! I can’t believe Antz has to go back to work on Tuesday. I have so much to do in the next 2 days. We have to get our house looking lovely for Liv’s photo shoot on Sunday. I am making cupcakes for Liv’s birthday today when we get back home. We need to find a sundress for Olivia’s photo shoot *and return her bathing suit* at Janie & Jack. I have to go grocery shopping and pick up envelopes for our christening invites. Speaking of christening. I spoke to Leslie about it yesterday and she wants to buy the favors and she found these INCREDIBLE cookies

I adore these cookies but sadly the seller is out of the country and doesn’t deliver to California. BOO! Leslie is going to see if a local bakery can make them. I love the bibs with the monograms. I have to send out the invitations by tomorrow. I am not asking people to RSVP this time so que sera, sera *whatever will be will be*. So far I am only anticipating the grandmothers, the godparents and Antz sisters. We are going to breakfast at the restaurant *Marstons* tomorrow to check how busy they are since they don’t take reservations. I have to go now, I have to load the truck and get back to town so I can start my list of things to do. We’ve been back home since 2:30, I went to the store and bought envelopes from Swains. Looking at our old christening invites we decided that they look a bit dark and medieval.

We love this design. Antz is printing them now.

Here’s the awesome invites, I have to find some pretty stamps tomorrow.

My second attempt at vanilla bean cupcakes for Olivia’s 4 week celebration

I think I’m improving yet I haven’t gotten the icing down yet. I also made a cake but it’s cooling. We don’t have any Fourth of July plans yet although we were invited to a party at our friends Tom & Jess’s house. Antz wants his Mommy to babysit for us but I can’t bear leaving her alone yet. We might just hang in the backyard, make s’mores over the firepit and watch the fireworks at the Rose Bowl and Dodger Stadium.

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