Our Angel has been christened

Yesterday was Olivia’s christening. I was nervous for some unknown reason but the day was perfect. Although I was painfully tired I washed and curled my hair and it came out really pretty. As a matter of fact, my hair came out so nicely that my makeup and outfit looked awful. I knew I should have bought a new dress 🙁  Leslie brought the cookies and her cake by early. My Mom came by and I helped her with her hair and makeup.

How amazing is this lovely cake?!

We took pictures of Liv in her gown, it fit her a little big. I love her bonnet!

Like Mother, like daughter

We only had 16 out of 35 invited guests but we were happy to have a smaller crowd. Olivia behaved so well during the ceremony. Other kids were screaming and running around just as the priest was telling us to have our children behave in church. Aimee gave Olivia a beautiful rosary. I appreciate her Godparents so much. Our daughter is so lucky to have such incredible people in her life.

We asked Holden to record with the Flip but of course, the battery died. Dion was in charge of pictures, he did okay but for some reason they came out dark, even using the flash. Darn camera!

My wacky family

I am actually glad it’s over because we are burned out on family events. So far I have nothing planned until Disneyland this Christmas. Last night I was finally able to get a good night’s sleep. Olivia slept so well I had to wake her to feed her.

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