Life with Bebe Olivia

After a phone call with Story, I have been thinking about how life with our Olivia has changed. It seems our friends are convinced that we will “change” with no clear definition if it will be for better or worse. I think we are still the same only my hyper-obsession with travel, house remodeling and parties has decreased due to Olivia obsession. Our house still feels the same *pre-bebe* to me but I suppose Olivia has made herself at home. I don’t have any plans to take down her banner *it’s much too cute*

Lola is curious about Liv but not too intrusive

We have to store her huge tub in Antz *already full* closet but it works like a dream and Liv really enjoys it.

Her swing is definitely a must have, even if it takes up space in the living room. When she’s fussy, we’ll put her in it and she falls asleep immediately. The songs it plays are constantly stuck in my head *twinkle twinkle little star*

I wish she enjoyed her playmat as much as she does her swing. I give her daily tummy time but it must be too hot for her to enjoy it. However, today she was very active on the mat and she lifted herself up and turned her head left and right twice. The mat is easily folded up and tucked away behind the bedroom door for storage.

I am so glad we got the Boon drying grass for her bottles and my pump. Our drying rack is always full of dishes and we wanted to keep her things seperate. Her bottles are just the right size for her *she typically likes 2-3 oz per feeding*. I am only pumping 1-2 bottles per day since Antz has gone back to work.

I would say the most changed and most utilized acclaimation into bebehood would be her nursery. Before we changed the room it was Antz office but we hardly ever used it. We had a TV in there that he never watched. The paint job in there was always a regret of ours *red and brown, yecch*. The room lacked design and was mostly storage because Antz moved his laptop into the bedroom to hang out with me for the past 9 months. Now I use the room all day and night and it feels so cozy and bright. We keep classical music playing in the room so it always has a feeling of serenity. Antz is back to using his laptop in the room which is great because we love to hang out in there. I can’t believe how we lived without a bebe for the past 4 years!

There are only a few more items I’d like to get for Olivia. She definitely needs a bouncer to strengthen her legs.

I would also like to get a hamper for her clothes *although her loads are mega tiny* this one would be great in the nursery next to her hutch.

I found a couple of books I must get her. I already ordered My Friends for her but Amazon had to cancel the order. I love the illustrations of this one

So far I think Liv’s faves are Goodnight Moon and Spring is Here.

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