Happy *Early* Anniversary!!

This morning I was being a good housewife, washing dishes, doing laundry, changing the bedding and playing with Liv when I got a text. It wasn’t anyone I knew but it said we have iphone 4’s in stock! So immediately I knew it was the girl I met at Best Buy last week. I jumped up and got Liv and myself dressed so fast and ran out the door to Best Buy in Atwater Village. The girl *Faby* hooked me up!! I am so happy she remembered me *I gave her a Starbucks giftcard*. So now Antz and I are happy owners of 16 GB iPhone 4s in black *I’ll live without the white one*

They didn’t have any cute iPhone cases in stock so I’ll wait to get one later.
Olivia was super good at Best Buy, she was smiling and happy in her stroller while Mommy conducted business. I’m so proud of her 🙂

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