Sushi, you are the best!

Today my Mommy came over to have lunch with us and she wanted *my fave* Tenno Sushi in Little Tokyo!! I LOVE that place.

SAKEEEEEE! Bonsaiiiiiii!!

*Wow, I have a serious eyebrow situation* I need to get them threaded asap!
I had sooo much yummy sushi and today’s eel was heaven.

Liv ate while we ate and since Mommy was distracted by my meal, she took matters into her own hands.

After we stuffed our gobs, we were actually able to walk through Little Tokyo and check out the shops. I loved these *knock off* Chanel glasses at Pop Killer

Then we popped into a new art gallery called Hung Up *snort* that had art by a guy Leslie knows. I LOVE this artist’s pieces *Dylan Ekren*

I Love anything sweet yet creepy. It’s very Pride & Prejudice & Zombies *which I hear will be starring Natalie Portman*.
So as I type this, I have *what my Mom calls* crocodile tears pouring down my face because I am super, mega bummed that our darling daughter will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. I know it’s a joyous occasion that she is growing up but dude, now she’s in double digits! I feel like this precious time is zooming by. Luckily, I have enough photos to document it because soon she’ll be going to school and I won’t know what to do with myself. Tomorrow I’ll have to find the perfect outfit for her 10 weeks pic but it’s weird that she no longer fits her 0 – 3 month clothes and her 3 – 6 months are fitting snug. I mean, what can I do buy her 12 month sizes?? Oh, and I haven’t bought her Uggs yet because I am still undecided if she’ll fit them by the tiem the weather gets colder. I asked my Mom her opinion and she says *as always* she doesn’t need them! Boo! All girls need shoes *even when they don’t fit*

Sooo…I have a new blog crush…Liz Owen of Mabel’s House is A-door-rah-bull!! I will get little sleep tonight stalking her blog. Seems like a bunch of blogstresses are preggo right now and my old friend just got married. Crazzy! I remember when she just met her then boyfriend, now HUSBAND! She converted to Judaism for him *super cool*. I really think *in my deluded mind* I was meant to be Jewish. I love to nosh, I have a mezuzah on my front door threshold *yesh, leaning the correct way* and I had a chuppah at my wedding

I also think I’m 13 years old, hence my wardrobe, make up and any number of my handbags *for example today’s jewel*

That’s right, I am an actual grown up…I can’t fathom what Liv will think when I drop her off at school and I’m blasting Justin Beiber in my Jetta. Btw I think I’m going to stop being lame and spend the $24.95 to upgrade my Flickr account. I have waay too many photos and no hassle-free options when people ask me to email them. I would prefer to view them in slideshow form anyway. Decision made, tomorrow it shall be done.

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