Ridiculously Adorable

I had a busy morning. As I was changing Liv from her PJs  she decided to pee all over the changing table. Ok, no prob, it happens but I put her in her crib so I could wash the linens. Well, Liv said more for me to pee on, Mommy and thats what she did, peed on her crib bedding. So I had to wash those too and give her a bath. Since she was so clean and in a happy mood I put on her Stella McCartney outfit *which I was surprised still fit* and I took her 10 week pics. I struck gold this week. She was so happy and looks so incredibly cute in her outfit. I LOVE this one. Best photo ever!!

I also took some nursery pix. I really want to buy Olivia more books.

Well, it’s lunchtime for us both. Later Skaters!


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