A Sunday walk in Atwater Village

It’s been a whole week since we took Liv for a walk in Atwater.

We went a bit late today so we kept it short since the sun was setting and it was chilly. Most of the shops were closed because it’s Sunday but I peeked in the new, larger space of the Little Knittery. Antz is always giving me the business because I took a class there last year to make a crotchet hat and I never finished it

*I completely forgot the stitching* but whenever I pass by I drool over the pretty Amigurumi figurines and yarn colors that are rad.

I also spotted a pillowcase dress in the window of Mila Tot’s boutique *sorry about the glare*

Makes me want to craft so bad but I am a much better beginner than finisher. I get super excited and spend money on all the supplies but after a few days I am over it and move on to my next hair-brained scheme. Sigh.
Speaking of schemes, I have a super dilemma. I really want to buy some Erin Uggs *priced at $60* for Liv. The Ugg website is sold out of Erin’s in blue

So I was bummed but I can live with the pink ones.

Well, I was looking at the MilkShop website and they have a pair of pink Erins on sale for $27.00!!! Now you would think this is not much of a dilemma but herein lies the rub…they are only in size 17 – 24 months. BOO! I mean sure she can wear them in the future.  Not at the rate her skinny, narrow feet are growing, her feet will be too long by the time her feet are big enough for size 17 months. She has a pair of Vans *size 6 – 12 weeks* that she can fit *in length* but her feet are much too narrow for them. By the time she is 12 weeks, her feet will be wide enough but too long to fit them.

*long, narrow feet, just like her Mom*

Well, I still may get them *can’t resist such a great sale*, she already has 8 pair of shoes she can’t fit so 9 won’t hurt. I also need to buy her new socks. All of her 0 – 3 month BabyGap socks are too small!

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