My Epicurious Thursday

I can’t tell you the last time I had 3 square meals in one day but the phenomenon took place yesterday by mistake. I cleaned the kitchen, and worked up an appetite so I made myself bacon, eggs and toast. Then 45 minutes later Story aimed me asking what time we were meeting for lunch. Merde!! I forgot we made lunch plans earlier this week. So I told her an hour and we met at Sedthee. I wasn’t sure I would be hungry but as soon as we got there I ordered shrimp pad thai. I scarfed it down like I had never eaten before. Story held Liv and this time she didn’t cry.

After lunch Antz and I went to the Americana so I could check out Kid’s Kitson to see if they have any cute onesies. We took the trolley

We didn’t find that much cuteness but I did find some cute socks.

We had to stop by my favorite place in the world!!

Me likey pretty things

Antz told me he can make these paper mache animals *I like the giraffe*

These teacups are super adorable but I find it silly to make glass for kids. Why not melanine that is more durable?

We went to the Puma store *they stopped carrying baby shoes* and Antz liked these rad cartoony sneaks. I may pick them up next week for his anniversary present. So Antz went back to work and I hung out with Liv. When he got home I rememebered that a new Chick-fila was opening by USC so we high tailed it over to chicken nugget heaven. It was pretty crowded but we got our food fast and the cashier was an Edward Norton doppelgänger *I should have gotten a pic*. So the day was awesome and I got my fave food fix! Today I have to go to Best Buy to return the iPhone chargers and get a new phone case. Antz is working from home today and later we are going to Apple Valley to visit my Mommy.

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