Since Antz was working from home today I decided to pick up lunch of his choice. He wanted teriyaki so Liv and I went to the Beverly Center to get Hibachi-san *sooo yum*. While at the mall I walked around with Liv in her stroller checking out the Fabulous Life. I took pics of Antz old job *I know it’s super random for a 21 year old with no children* but when we met he worked here for less than a year.

14 long years ago Anthony was folding brightly-colored ensembles and unhappily shaking it to mind altering kiddie rock at the Gymboree at the Beverly Center. I worked at the prestigious Gap on the Macy’s side of the mall so I got all the celebrity action. We would often meet for lunch in the food court and one of our favorite eatries was Hibachi-san. Now the mall has no resemblance to our teeny bopping days and the shops was gotten much fancier. While I was in line to pay for my food the guy next to me was wearing D & G pants that I am sure cost more then my car. I snapped some pics before the security guard informed me that taking photos at the Beverly Center is strictly prohibited *only in America*.

I spotted a rainbow at Lacoste *love their polos*

I wanted to see my old haunt but the Gap was now the home of an Apple store. I went in to check out the iPhone 4 cases but they don’t carry them *weird*

We spent alot of time in the elevators since Liv was in her stroller and it seemed everytime I wanted to go up in an elevator, it was on its way down so people were piling on and off *commenting on my Liv’s adorableness*

She is always putting up her dukes. So on the drive home I encountered heavy traffic and while sitting at a light I saw some filming on Franklin *in Hollywood*. I watched for awhile before it finally dawned on me, I knew who they were filming. I snapped some pics as I drove by and I am so disappointed by my Canon Powershot. I zoomed in to get a close up and this is the result *can you guess the celeb?* may require squinting and enlarging the picture.

I will never make it as a paparazzo…this blurry image is Adrian Grenier shooting for Entourage *I am not a fan but a celeb is a celeb*.

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