Modem, we don’t need no stinkin’ modem!!

So I have been in internet limbo since Friday. My laptop said goodbye to me and meant it! I thought I was just booted off so I unplugged my modem and router and expected to be back online in no time. Wrong! I called AT&T and after 2 1/2 hours of resetting my modem and testing every troubleshooting in the book still no connection. I was getting beyond frustrated so we high-tailed it to Apple Valley *after feeding Story & Chris’s cat Turbo* to see if it was a problem with my laptop. At my Mom’s I connected with no problem. So that gave me some hope. We came right back home Saturday night and still scratching my head. I slept on it and Sunday we went back to Story & Chris’s to feed Turbs and then went to the Brentwood Farmer’s Market *bad choice*. I think all of LA had the same idea because we looked for parking for 30 minutes! Then we realized, duh, we didn’t have any cash so we had to find a Chase ATM. Once we got cash, the Market was closing in 15 minutes so we nixxed it. I really wanted kettle corn and fresh flowers for Liv’s nursery so I looked up other FM’s on my iphone in the area. The Palisades market wasn’t over until 1:30 so we drove over there and made it at 1. Despite the stalls closing just as we got there and Liv’s stroller taking up a great deal of room, it was a nice time. The fruit was so pretty I had to take advantage of such juicy looking strawberries

OMG These flowers are gorgeous, of course I couldn’t find any but the mini daisies are sweet for her room.


We checked out this childrens store and they had the cutest tummy time mat *I really want to go back and buy it!!* So since I had such delectable strawberries, I decided what a perfect time to pick up my baking supplies so I can *attempt* to bake a strawberry pie. Although I needed to get online to find a receipe.

We were going to get this metal pie dish but I thought the stoneware was wider and the pie crust I bought suggested a glass pie dish *they didn’t have any* so I went with the stoneware and I got some cookie mix and which cholocate chips. Lately I’ve noticed Target’s inventory has been a bit sparse. I have been changing Targets just to see if other ones have more merchandise and so far Alhambra, Pasadena, Eagle Rock *my home store*, Culver City *where we were in the above photos* have been disappointing. The Target in Apple Valley *where my Mommy lives* is awesome. They must have fewer shoppers because that’s more of a Walmart *ew* town.

I still need a rolling pin and I really want the cupcake apron from Anthropologie but I won’t have time to pick that up until next week. I found this receipe for Strawberry Icebox pie on Goddess Martha’s site and tomorrow I think I’ll give it a shot.
After Target we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond *Antz sister’s job* to check out this patio set but sadly they were completely sold out of all patio furniture. Our last bet is to go to the BB&B in Arcadia on Thursday. We have been viligilant about watering the grass and the flowers since our S’mores party is this Friday. So far I have 5 confirmed couples so we need seating for 12!!
So we spent the weekend internetless *which may have been a good thing* and Sunday evening I called Dell tech support just to make sure our laptops weren’t the problem *the connection diagnostic said it was my firewall* but to no avail. The consensus was our modem must be the culprit, it is over 9 years old. Monday morning I went to Best Buy and bought a new all-in-one router/modem, a new flash drive and an iphone case. I set up the new modem and connected in 5 seconds *YAY*. Our dear friend *Olivia’s Godmom* Leslie’s birthday was last Thursday and I have no clue what to get her *she’s the girl who has everything, her husband bought her a Tiffany & Co necklace* whatever we get her, I would love to wrap it like this

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