One enchanted evening, One disappointing meal, One broken pipe

As you know, the day before yesterday was Antz and I’s *I soo need this book!* 8th wedding anniversary. We dropped Liv at his Mom’s and we grabbed lunch. Since it was such a lovely *yet excruciatingly hot* day, we decided to eat in a park in Los Feliz. We then drove to the Griffith Observatory but it was super crowded, scorching hot and we couldn’t find any parking. I took some pics but the day was pretty smoggy.

We went to the Los Feliz movie theater and saw Inception. WOW! It lived up the all the positive reviews. I really liked it! We picked up Liv and drove to Malibu. I didn’t make a reservation this year since I didn’t know when the movie was over and we didn’t want to feel rushed. It was surprisingly busy for a Wednesday so we had to wait for a table. Antz was worried that Liv would start fussing but she was ok as long as we held her.

We prayed to the Hawaiian gods that Olivia would behave

We ordered our usual *surf n’ turf* and asked that there was no Polynesian sauce
*this was Duke’s Surf n’ Turf last year*

Check out the look of enthusiasm this year *whammp whaamp*

There’s a strange lobster shell to lobster meat ration

Liv was ok, she was pretty fussy unless I held her so I need to remember to bring more bottles when we go out.

So overall the restaurant holds a special place in our hearts but the food wasn’t as yummy as previous years *the waitress even took money off of our bill* so we are thinking of a new location for next year. I’ve always wanted to go to dinner at Geoffreys or Crustacean.

Malcolm fixed the pipe yesterday *YAY -sarcastic*.

Be careful what you wish for, I mentally hoped that it would cost under $1000 and of course it came to be closer to $1000 than $500. Not the anniversary gift I wanted. We are doggysitting for Story & Chris this weekend. I am going out to Apple Valley to help my Mom with a computer project and Antz is staying home to watch Spuzz

and go to Story’s house to feed their cat. I really want to see Scott Pilgrim vs the World. At first I was skeptical *I am so over Michael Cera* however 3 things changed my mind: Edgar Wright directed it *Shaun of the Dead is one of my fave movies*, I heard really good reviews from my facebook friends and Jason Schwartzman is in it *he’s dreamy* so hopefully I’ll see it sometime this weekend.

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