End of Summer S’mores Party

In 2 hours our S’mores party begins. I know I should be napping *since right after the party we are driving to Apple Valley* however I can’t sleep and I have too much to do. I also want to catch up on yesterday’s happenings as well. Aimee came over to visit Liv and me. I allowed Aimee to choose Olivia’s outfit for our outing and here’s the result:

We went to lunch at Sedthee *which she LOVED*.

After lunch we headed home and Antz came home early from work so we could go to Target, Baby Gap *for the Get & Give sale* and Atwater Village Summer Nights. We got almost everything on my wishlist for Liv at Baby Gap but they didn’t have the red trench coat in stock. Aimee bought Liv an adorable bunny hat and next weeks shes getting her a tweed coat for winter. Here’s the loot.

The skull one-piece is my favorite. I also love the denim shorts and leggings. We got everything in 6-12 since she is outgrowing her clothes so fast. I’m a bit bummed she can’t wear them now but she has enough clothes that are 3-6 to wear until it gets chillier. Since we were at the Glendale Galleria we just moosied on down to Target and I picked up some things and we went bonkers in the toy section. They had vintage Fisher Price toys *Antz and I both had these toys growing up*.

I also want to get these Olivia dolls *the artist one*

By the time we left Target it was 8:30 and we drove by Glendale Blvd. to check out Summer Nights. It looked like we missed all the action, and Antz and Aimee were pretty tired so we went home. Boo! Oh well, next year Liv will be old enough to enjoy the festivities. We will definitely be at the Atwater Christmas tree lighting.
So today we were busy bees prepping for our S’mores party. I think we did a good job but I am disappointed in the chairs Antz rented. Doesn’t this look familiar? *chalkboard from Cirque du Bebe*

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