End of Summer S’mores Party

Whew, I didn’t take my laptop to Apple Valley so I could take an *internet* break. Our party was awetastic!! People didn’t leave until 1am. Everyone ate all our foodies *the corn was super yum* and we stayed outside until the duralog burned out. Olivia was of course the party starter. We bundled her up in her demin jacket and her bunny hat *gift from Aimee* and I wore her in the BabyHawk until she eventually fell asleep.

We were going to drive to Apple Valley that night but since our party ended so late we were beat and decided to go in the morning. We had a good time in Apple Valley, I helped cook delicious blue cheese burgers and homemade fries. We made it back to LA on Sunday to try to make it to the Toluca Lake farmers market but we got home at 1pm and it was over at 2pm so I decided to go another time.

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