Man Shops Globe

Yesterday we visited Anthropologie in Thousand Oaks. I would have been happy to stay in there for hours but my poor husband was ready to move on. I feel like an idiot for passing up this rad neccklace was on sale for $20!! *a rarity for this store*

Right now I am watching Man Shops Globe *what deal with the Devil did Keith Johnson make to get this job?*and it only intensifies my Anthro obsession. The clothes, the accessories and the home goods are always so delicious. It’s like they always know EXACTLY what I will fall in love with. Luckily the clothes are a tad too small for my ample frame so I don’t pine over the sweet dresses *because I’m not a size 4*. Now shoes, jewelry, bags, and home decor is a different story. I have over 100 items in my Anthro online shopping cart and *when I hit the lottery* I will buy them all.
I wish Anthro would expand on it’s kids merchandise and put out a kids clothing line *although it would bankrupt me*. When I walk into an Anthropologie store I feel like I’m on vacation in another country. The smells are so intoxicating *you really understand the different from a $4 Target candle and a $30 candle* and the visuals are so stimulating *hello, vintage bathtub, typewriters and this guy*

Wise O’ Owl cookie jar, ever present and so vibrant and adorable. I almost feel like he isn’t worthy to live in my kitchen.
Even the music is inspiring *they were playing April March (my fave) in the Glendale store*it made me go home and download more of her songs from iTunes. I get super excited and try to snap as many pix as I can without the staff getting pissed.

I would love to buy some lovely bedding but I’m the type of girl who spills everything and immediately ruins nice things. I know the second I buy this bedding *I lust after*

I would stain it, Lola’s hair would be all over it or I would have some sort of a laundry mishap *I suck at laundry* To put it mildly, I’m too clumsy for such pretty things *perfect example, I shattered our favorite and mega cute star light into a thousand pieces*

I know I am not alone in my Anthro obsession, I found this blog that is *devoted may not be strong enough a word* to all things Effortless Anthropologie. I love the idea of the emsemble dressing room photo shoot *she has the figure to pull it off*. I wish I could continue to profess my love for Anthropologie but Antz has wrangled a fairy costume for Liv and is putting together his costume leaving me mythical creature-less. We need to go to a fabric store *not sure if any are open on a Sunday* and maybe the Montrose farmers market to buy these wings for Liv…?

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