Labor Day Weekend Wrap up

I can’t believe summer is officially over. 🙁 Antz is returning to work tomorrow after Olivia’s doc appt *she’s getting her second set of vaccinations*. Last night was Leslie’s Mythical Creatures party and I was too tired to post this morning. I think our costumes were super cute. I worked for hours putting together my mermaid tail.

Our fairy princess is mega cute! I was spazzing when I saw her in her adorable costume.

The cornbread was a hit, they were quite yummy. Leslie made this incredible cake for her friend Yvonne’s birthday, how sweet is the topper?? An Etsy find. The party was fun but we left early because we were exhausted. When we got home I put Liv to bed while wearing my wig and Antz made me a *Baby Jane* bow
This morning Antz told me that if we made it to the LA County Fair before 1pm, admission is only $1. 🙂  We called Antz Mom and she said she could come too *sweet!* We hurried and despite the bumper-to-bumper traffic we made it to Pomona by noon. We went to the fair back in 2000 with Aimee and her son, Holden but it really has changed since then. It was like being at Knotts Berry Farm, hundreds of canival games, food stalls and rides. I was excited to go to the petting zoo but once we found it, we decided it wasn’t sanitary for Liv to be that close to the animals *as cute as they were* We compromised by taking her to the farm exhibit and she was bewildered.









We really had a *carny* blast. I was in deep fried heaven. It was pretty hot so we left around 3:30. We dropped off Antz Mommy after she played with Liv for a few hours.







Grandma loves to make Liv laugh. So that was our busy weekend in a nutshell. I have tons more pics but I am on the train to sleepyville. *OK,  I admit I’m going to watch Mad Men before I hit the pillow*

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