Garage Sale (not the kind you’re thinking of)

I really dislike garage sales. They usually have crappy stuff, tons of dated clothes that look like someone died wearing them and the rare pieces of furniture I do find, I am never very good at negotiating a fair price. The one time I did score at an estate sale in Sherman Oaks *this is a great spot cause the folks are rich, no longer working soap opera actors* I got a storage bench for $10. It was painted bright yellow and had hinges that looked like they were from the Victorian age *not in a chic way* and some kid had decided to unleash their inner artist by putting 43 stickers on it in a very random pattern. We took it to my Mom’s house, spent hours stripping the stickers, added new hinges and painted it a chocolate brown. It now lives in my living room and stores my wedding dress and all our wedding memorabilia *which I always ask Antz, if there was a fire, how would I save all that stuff?*

So I found out about this FABulous garage sale around the corner of my house. Well, it turns out that the lovely lady who is having the sale is the founder of BAN.DO!!! I am hoping there will be this rad gold sequin fanny pack that I’ve been wanting forever.

Super cute! If they don’t have it, I will stock up on hair accessories and some lovely things for the house.

Yesterday I had my date with Aimee. Holy Cow, we had so much fun even though a torrential rain storm almost spoiled our day. I got my Christmas present and I’m dying! We went to Tiffanys and I almost died and went to heaven.

Aimee’s future engagement ring
I need this bracelet for Olivia

 We were totally pointing and oohing and ahhing over everything. So many gorgeous sparkly things.


We went to Numero Uno for lunch and out of nowhere it started pouring rain, thunder and lightening. We hung out talking and stuffing our faces until it stopped.

Do you like Liv’s hipster ‘do created by Aimee?
PIZZA!!! Nom nom!

We went to Monkeyhouse Toys so I could pick up a gift for Antz *although he knows what it is

I could live in that place. Too much adorable-ness.

I also picked up a mystery gift for my Antzy but I can’t elaborate on that. Last week I mentioned in my gift guide that my Mom gave me $100 for the holidays so I bought my Tiffany & Co necklace to accompany Antz gift to me…my photo charm from Planet Jill.

My Lovely Daughter, Olivia Lily

Aimee and Antz got one too.
His charm is on the right.
 Believe it or not the necklace from Tiffanys was under $100 so I used the remainder to buy my rad Anthology subscription. I will get issue #6 in January but I found issue #5 at Anthropologie.

Last night I wrapped some of Liv’s presents. Still waiting for Amazon to deliver the rest today.

Story & Chris bought us this awesome ornament in Hawaii 3 years ago

My Grandmom’s musical Christmas tree. I will pass it down to Olivia, it’s 64 years old and still works!!

Antz and I made cookies for his company Holiday party this afternoon. Look how cute the wrapping is for his Secret Santa gift.
Well, that pretty much sums up how my Christmas is going. We are taking a trip to Legoland during Antz week off. Last time we went was the day it opened, on my birthday in 1999. I have a huge New Year’s surprise but I’m trying to zip my lips until the 31st.

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