I got my wish!!

I am seriously jumping up and down because today after Liv’s pediatrician appt. we went to Anthropologie in Pasadena and I bought my rolling pin, cupcake apron, measuring cups and receipe cards!! I am so excited.
But back to Liv’s appt, she now weighs 14 lbs 2 oz. and 26 inches long!! *I love that she can fit her Frieda Kahlo onesie now*

My baby is growing so fast but I’m happy she is developing right on track. Dr. Wang said she’s perfect *as always*. Liv got her polio and prevnar vaccinations. She cried a little after the second shot but I calmed her down right away. She was really brave.

I wanted breakfast after her appt. so I was thinking the Corner Bakery *yummers* since I was already in Pasadena.

As I was parking my car the temptation of Anthro was too strong so I decided we’ll just pop in to drool over pretty things. Well, of course I saw my favorite chair *darn it, why are the legs too short?*

Then I saw the measuring cups I have been wanting for ages.

I don’t know what came over me but the second I saw a rolling pin, receipe cards and the cupcake apron I was handing over my credit card in a shopping trance.

I earned it with my delicious cookies and cornbread

My bag of goodies **yippee!!**

I can’t wait to try out my baking skills with this arsenal of pretty. We aren’t going to volleyball this week *need to rest* but we will next Tuesday. Tomorrow we may be going to dinner with Antz sister, Debra *we are treating her as a thank you for babysitting Friday* I am excited to finally see Scott Pilgrim vs the World *all my friends saw it and said it was good* and we might go to our favorite Indonesian restaurant in Westwood. I really have to clean the house this week because our friends Stephanie & Carlos coming over Sunday to visit Liv.

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