Making my Target shopping list

Boo! I just realized that Friday Antz has to work a full day so I won’t be able to go to Target at 3 like I usually do. I am meeting Aimee tomorrow to bring Olivia to her Mom’s house to meet Liv so I may go with her to the new Target in Culver City *although last time I was there the selection was slim*. I saw this set at Eagle Rock *my home Target* last week and I am lusting after it

I wanted the Liberty of London bedding set but I love the bright tones in this Dwell Studio bedding set. I would love to buy it Friday, it great with our green walls. The problem is no matter what bedding I get, we desperately need new curtains. I really like these from Urban

I’m just worried they are too sheer and not neutral enough to go with our many duvets. The curtains we have now were the previous owners and we negoitated with them to keep them when we bought the house because we were on a tight budget and the room is 50% windows. Having so many windows in the bedroom is great for light but terrible for allowing us options to place the furniture. The current arrangement is the best possibility but Antz has to sleep next to the windows and that means he has to crawl out of bed in the mornings because I need the clear side to get up for Liv. It also means that our curtains are constantly getting pushed open or pulled when he sleeps.

While I’m wishlisting, we could really use a new side table *this Ikea end table is over 10 years old and not very pretty or practical*. I would love this guy but it’s almost $400!!

Also that lamp died 3 years ago so we could use a new lamp as well

As I said in my earlier post, I am much too clumsy for such a lovely lamp. *Even if I don’t somehow knock it over, my cat Lola will definitely find a way to damage/break it*

She is a magnet when it comes to shedding her hair on our electronics *above, our new printer* we thought we outsmarted her by putting the towel over it to keep her hair off of it but it only made more lint on the scanner bed. I even tried to find a printer cover but HP doesn’t have any. My house seriously frustrates me to no end. On one hand, I take pride in my home and the *budget* design I have put sweat equity into. Yet, no matter how much I dust, swifter or sweep we are constantly covered in cat, dog and human hair. One of thew biggest reasons we are enforcing Olivia to sleep in her nursery is because its the only pet-free zone in the house and we are hoping it’s less dusty *we don’t want her to have any respiratory problems.* I also feel conflicted when it comes to decorating because my heart isn’t 100% into this house. What sense does it make to spend money designed it to my specific taste if I want to sell in 3 years? Life’s conumdrum! So, I think I’ll take Liv with me to Target on Friday *I buy so much bulk items, paper towels, diapers, etc that it will be a tough juggling act with her too* I think I’m wear her in the Baby Hawk so my hands are free and I will be able to comfort her if she gets fussy. Antz sister Debra is babysitting with her so we can go to dinner and the movies *Yay!*
Can you believe Olivia is 14 weeks old today??!!

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