Chi Chi Chick-fil-a!!

Yesterday we flaked on volleyball *boo, next week we are going for sure* but instead we went to visit Antz Mommy and his Tia Pancha.
First, we went to chick-fil-a *yum* to use the coupons I got from my last visit when they took forever to make my order. We feasted on chicken and went to my Mom’s house in LA to pick up some stuff her best friend/manager Debbie had for us. She gave us some pretty cool candles *too lazy to upload pics now*
some swifter stuff, and some lame stuff for Liv *boy shoes, gross!*
We went to Antz Mom’s house and hung out with his Tia, his sister and his nephew. I am LOVING my new hipstamatic app!

I am loving my new glasses *so nerdy*

Me and my SIL Clinnie *Incredibooth app*

On another note, Martha Stewart now does KITCHEN CABINETS and Countertops!!! I want them soooo bad! BUT…not in this house. The cabinets here are like 80+ years old and they are the oddest sizes *in most cases too small yet too big so it hogs up counter space*. I will be happy to strip the *years* of old paint on these cabinets and paint them white. I’ll have to use new hinges and some generic silver knobs and line the inside with pretty paper and call it a day. I am not going to pimp out this house when I know I won’t recuperate any of the money I spend. I would much rather make it sellable and appealing to *boring* sellers. My dream house is where I would put those dreamy cabinets, I envision glass upper cabinets with spotlights showcasing my pretty Anthropologie dishware *that I would probably never use in fear of breaking it*.
So Liv and I have been loving Yo Gabba Gabba! and now I must take her to the live show at the Nokia Theater in November. Problem is *although tickets are still available* I want the VIP party package which includes photos with the cast, a special VIP room and premium seating and those are sold out. On Facebook, they have contests for the VIP package but no luck yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Antz may have a connection and get us backstage/after party passes. Since this is a public event, it’s highly unlikely.

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