On the road to Solvang *Happy Int’l Talk Like a Pirate Day*

Arrrgh!! Yesterday we drove to Solvang to go wine tasting with our friends for Story’s birthday. Oh man was it good times!! We went to three wineries *because we got a late start*. The drive there was a bit trafficish but the weather was cloudy and there was a serious marine layer in Santa Barbara. It was funny because thirty minutes to Solvang we saw our friends Tom & Jes on the freeway so they followed us there. It was Danish Days so we watched a lame parade during lunch. Story, her Boyfriend Chris, Warren & Kim, Nicolette & Ale all rode bikes while the rest of us *Dave, Tom & Jes, George & Christina* met for lunch. The restaurant wasn’t so great but we had fun making fun of the lameness of the parade. Wine tasting was awesome, I tasted at two of the three wineries and even bought a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

I got tons of amazing pics *sorry it’s taking so long to post them*. I am super busy today, I cooked breakfast, doing laundry, finally cleaned out my closet and I’m donating, throwing away or selling things I no longer need. I am hoping to take some of Liv’s things shes outgrown to a Cosignment shop. I have to go to Best Buy to get an itunes card for Story’s birthday present.

Henry made a cameo appearance
First Winery
Lovely grounds
The Gang
Liv’s first trip to wine country
Second stop
Only a Danish town would have awesome cheese danish!!
Boo, this place was closed
Hey, my eyes are up here!

The wine at this place was the yummiest

Giant Clog parade float *where the hell are we, again?*
Me & the birthday girl *Chris said he was farting in the photo*
Kim catching a whiff of new bebe smell
Olivia has a new fan
Beautiful couples
Tom & Jes
Trying Mommy’s glasses
You can tell I’m tipsy in this pic *red eyes much?*
By the end of the day, this is how I began seeing things but it was really a kick ass time. I can’t wait to go again. We may even take Liv for a bike ride *once we get her bike seat*

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