Cookie Monster

Yesterday Aimee came over around 11ish. I simeltaneously baked cookies, did laundry, washed dishes and gave Liv a bath *with Aimee’s help*. Then we went to Mac & Cheeza for lunch. I ordered the same as last time and Aimee tried the BBQ chicken and jalapenos. She liked my hot links better.




















Today I need to go to Target and then we are going to dinner with Antz sister Debra at Sedthee *yum*. I am excited for tomorrow because we are going to Solvang for Story’s birthday / wine tasting. Last night on The Daily Show Jon made his *Big Announcement* and now I really, really want to go!!! The fact that there is a W in Washington DC is also a plus. I know Liv is too young for the trip but boy-oh-boy would it be rad.

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